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foam and function

No matter where you want your glide to reach, we'll take you there. 


Foam and Function, a Los Angeles based private enterprise, has committed to the distribution of independent handcrafted surf culture essentials for more than ten years.


Support of alternative and non-mainstream surf culture has been our mission since inception.


Our worldwide destinations have reached the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Chile, the Caribbeans, and Sweden to name a few.


Committed to distributing independently handcrafted surf essentials.



Hand shaped surfboards by cutting edge designers:

  • Morning of the Earth

  • Simon Jones

  • Daniels Surfboards

  • Petal to the Metal

  • Neal Purchase Jr

  • Andrew Kidman

  • Mackie

  • Aleutian Juice



  • Alkali

  • Raido

  • Single

  • Keels


Surf literature, art, and film

  • Big Sky Limited

  • Litmus

Available Boards


"Pintail Duo by @nealpurchasejr lovingly glassed by @kmdsurfboards and shot by @foamandfunction who is the man to contact if you want to get a gem for this stellar team in the US."


"I have 4 duos and 1 Kidman from you [Foam and Function] they are all magic!! And dealing with you is as easy as it comes! Yew!!!! so frothy right now! just need waves!"


"Yes! Thank you [@foamandfunction]! These [fins] look so good. Can't wait to get in the water tomorrow. @foamandfunction @alkalifins"


"Awesome new stick. Big thanks to @aleutianjuice @watermansguild for shaping/glassing it & @foamandfunction for getting to me."
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